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LLII Winter 2012-13 - Issue No. 103 "The llama industry's publication of record."

Llama Life was first published in 1987 by Terry and Kathy Price. The name was changed to Llama Life II when the publication was purchased by Paige McGrath in 1996. With the assistance of her mother, Jo Ann, and many outstanding contributors, Llama Life II continues to be the one publication offering news and views that is read "cover to cover" every quarter.

Winter 2012-13 - Issue No. 103

3/3/13: Issue No. 103, Winter 2012-13, was mailed from Colorado Feb. 15. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Our Spring issue will be our annual Fiber Issue! Don't miss it! Renew or subscribe online by March 30 to be sure not to miss it. The deadline to advertise or contribute in the Spring Issue is March 15.

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  • 18 Things a New Llama Owner Should Know
  • Plans to Build a Chute (.pdf)
  • Showing Off: A Quick Guide to Showmanship
  • Sludge! (pdf)
  • Dewormer-Resistant Parasites Threatens Herds (pdf)

    LLII Mission Statement

  • To underscore that llamas and alpacas are a permanent and productive part of our society - admired, valued and cherished by thousands of owners and producers; and that our lives are forevermore interwoven with theirs.

  • To promote, enhance and protect the welfare of all lamas with information regarding their care, and addressing issues that affect their well-being.

  • To cover a sufficient number of events to give owners - both professionals and fanciers - an honest sense of what is happening in the areas of health, marketing, competition, promotion and politics.

  • To provide an open forum for civil discourse.

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