Llama Farm
Raising Champion Llamas Since 1986

Lower Sherwood is a family operated llama farm located in beautiful and historic Charlottesville, VA. Our herd of over 100 llamas is comprised of graceful, athletic, intelligent individuals from diverse and genetically powerful bloodlines.

We believe that llamas should be well-rounded as they have been bred for thousands of years. They should have size for working, fine fiber for textiles, gentle dispositions for handling, and a pleasing look for aesthetics.

We have been showing since 1988 and have been winning Championships ever since.

We would like to share our winning stock with you. Plan a trip to Charlottesville, and pick out your blue ribbon heart-warmer.

Trigger Appy

male - b. April 21, 2006
Rebano Escodido Tercero (ET) x Mooch McGrath

Call, write or email us to schedule a visit.
Jo Ann, Tom and Paige McGrath
Lower Sherwood Farm
5232 Blenheim Road
Charlottesville VA 22902
(434) 286-2288
Fax (434) 286-4983
Email PaigeInk@aol.com

Stud Services
1997 ILA Pushmi-Pullyu
2002 LAMAS Pushmi-Pullyu
Award Recipient
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