Llama Life II is a subscription-based online magazine offering news and views from the llama and alpaca community with a focus on health, breeding, fiber, training, marketing and recreation. You will need to be a paid subscriber to view most content and to leave comments.  The annual subscription rate is $20.00 US.

Llama Life/Llama Life II has been in print since 1987, serving as the publication of record for the llama community. The online incarnation was launched in September of 2014.

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LLII Mission Statement:

  • To underscore that llamas and alpacas are a permanent and productive part of our society – admired, valued and cherished by thousands of owners and producers; and that our lives are forevermore interwoven with theirs.
  • To promote, enhance and protect the welfare of all lamas by providing owners and friends of lamas with information regarding their care, and addressing issues that affect their well-being.
  • To cover a sufficient number of events to give owners – both professionals and fanciers – and honest sense of what is happening in the areas of health, marketing, competition, promotion and politics.
  • To provide an open forum for civil discourse.

In the spirit of the fourth bullet, Llama Life II reserves the right to remove any post, or block a member, that is deemed disrespectful.

News and Views from the Llama Community