“Phoenix Rising”

EPSON scanner imageI can’t believe it’s been a full year since we’ve been in print.

On September 1 of last year, my house got hit by lightning. The strike blew the top four feet off my chimney and fried my computer. I count myself as incredibly lucky that my house did not burn to the ground. But the damage to my computer has made for a long and tough come-back. Issue No. 105 and its contents were lost with the strike – and with that, the loss of advertising revenue. Insurance replaced the computer but the magazine would have to be rebuilt from scratch.

The first challenge was having to deal with a new computer with a new OS and updated versions of the software to learn. The second challenge was trying to get the advertising back on track.  The former proved a lot easier than the latter. Print ads may be a thing of the past. Many (most?) major publications have had to adjust to the fact that print media is losing ground. Why should our small trade magazine be any different.

So welcome to the future of Llama Life II online magazine.

We will continue to offer the “news and views” of the llama industry; and, maintain the same mission as we always have. We’ll continue to be a subscriber-based publication. Most pages will only be accessible by subscribers. Since we want to encourage growth of llama ownership, many pages that would serve beginners will be available to the public.

As a new online enterprise, there will be some bugs to work out. Please be patient as we find our footing. The layout and organization will likely need adjusting as we get used to the new format.

To start, we will be offering advertising opportunities in three sizes. A new advantage for LLII advertisers is that A. Your ads will be in color and 2. They can be linked directly to your web page.  If you’d like to sponsor us through advertising please email me at Paigeink@aol.com.

A lot has happened while we’ve been away. We’re working hard to catch up. Look out! We’re going to be bigger and better than ever!

7 thoughts on ““Phoenix Rising””

  1. We have missed Llama Life II! We are so pleased to see it back. We hope someday we will be back to The Virginia Classic, Shenandoah Showcase, Llamas and Alpacas EXPO, Montgomery County Fair Show, VA State Fair Show, East Coast Invitational, Old Dominion Gold Cup, Spring Fling, Frederick County Fair Show, Albemarle County Show and Eastern Regional ALSA Show in one year. I’m sure I left some out, so please forgive me for those of you I missed. Oh what joy we had at those shows. Although showing what spectacular animals llamas are was great, the best was all the wonderful people we met. Bon Voyage LLII! Hugs, Gwen

  2. In passing I have wondered “what happened to Llama Life II” , so I am happy to hear you’re back, sorry to hear about your lightening strike, glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and hopeful I will be able to “keep up” with an on-line mag. I know just enough about computers to get by. Being of the “older generation” I admit I will miss enjoying LLII with a cup of tea in a cozy chair – but I know you are right to make the move. Hopefull you will have the patience to answer all our questions as we learn to navigate the site.

  3. Yeah!! Glad to see you hangin’ in there Paige. A few of us know what thats like! Welcome back…
    Advertising has been a difficult thing to navigate through these days. Seems its gone through so many changes in the last 5 years. Glad to see I can rely on an ‘old’ source with once again.

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